By Elizabeth Margolis-Pineo © Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram

2009Doug Mack, our friend, ground-breaking chef and traveling bon vivant, listed his favorite Montreal restaurants for us. We vowed to try one (maybe two) a day. First up, Cavalli, is in the heart of town. The front half of the restaurant, wide open to fresh air and passersby, is already packed. Our server speaks perfect English but indulges us as we struggle in French. We try tender grilled octopus with sweet… Read on

2007 / 2008 – Our neighbors to the north put on a heck of a party every year, and guess what? We’re all invited!  The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is a global musical event, and “international” is its middle name.  Read on …

2010 – My brother-in-law Steve always says, “nothing good happens after midnight.” He has obviously never been to the Montreal Jazz Festival. Free concerts begin at noon, simmering to red hot in evening and deep blue after midnight. The atmosphere is celebratory, ecstatic, with world-class artists like Cassandra Wilson, Taj Mahal and Pat Metheny. This year brought jazz greats Sonny Rollins, Keith Jarrett and Dave Brubeck … Read on…

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