Sagnino Serenitá

We conclude our sixth week way up in Como’s Sagnino hills, on the Swiss-Italian border.

We wave buongiorno each morning to friends in Zurich from our barrel-vaulted hipster apartment. Yes, we know they can’t see us, but we greet them anyway. Ciao, amici!

Honing our far niente skills, we’re immersed in Sagnino’s gentle version of la dolce vita. We stroll the tranquil, verdant hills. The Driver hikes a friendly hunk of Monte Sasso.

La Serenità

Fabio the cat keeps us company. He guards the plucky yellow daisy that accompanies us since gritty Montesilvano, and keeps an eye on us from above. Grazie, dear Fabio.

La Diavola

Fine dining in an ancient horse barn, wow. We celebrate the simple life at upscale restaurant, Il Diavolo L’acqua Santa, with a deep, decadent dive into local cuisine. 

Chef Nicola and Owner Stefano

Don’t miss “Seven Sins of the Chef,” a multi-course tasting menu designed to blow your mind. Chef Nicola puts sin into perspective with The Driver’s fave, pappardelle with wild boar ragú. I prefer delicate tagliolini pasta with shrimp and citrus, or the nightly risotto, this evening jazzed with local wine, bresaola and Casera cheese. Or my weakness, black (or white) truffle tortellaccio. Heck, anything “al Tartufo” works for me!

Beef carpaccio, raised in Parco del Curone, Lombardia

We share a bottle or two of Chianti. Linger over manzo carpaccio with shaved artichoke and pecorino. Extend our evening into café, dolci e grappa Highly recommended!  

Fashion Follies

Nestled in Sagnino’s luscious and tranquil hills, we’re having a little trouble gearing up for work. We strain to re-focus on color, style and trends — from sublime to ridiculous.

Leisure-wear is ubiquitous, unisex and tiresome. We observe sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, and an abundance of beige. Upscale sweatpants feature incongruous trouser creases. The venerable necktie has all but disappeared — and here we are in the epicenter of silk. 

Keep Hope Alive

Devastated, we keep hope alive with a collection of colorful silk squares from Como’s finest in vivid shades of magenta, gold, acid green, indigo and violet. Pow!

Then, being of sound mind, we beat it it for the lake. We hope the shimmering water, ever-changing light and soothing views will provide a welcome antidote to fashion angst. •

Next up: Argegno, Chiaravalle & Home!




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  1. Abby Newman says:

    I always love reading these, Lib. I can live vicariously through you and your Driver. 🙂


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