Just for Fun

Brianna is my favorite bartender of all time. She sings.

dscn2707She pours.

dscn2704She shakes.

dscn2720And she makes the best cocktails the world.

dscn2522-e1407961434283My summer “project” is to try every lovely libation on the world-class cocktail menu at our beloved neighborhood bistro, The Blue Spoon. I start with “Cat’s Pajamas,” a frosty blend of gin, Bärenjäger, lemon juice, and orange blossom water served as a layered icy soup in a ladylike footed glass. “There’s a surprise!” says server Danielle from Danbury, and sure enough, a brandied cherry sits in a fruity red fog on the bottom. As you sip, the cherry slowly deconstructs. You deconstruct a little, too. Brianna nails it.

Next up, la maestra’s Negroni Sbagliato. •

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