Cernobbio Serenità

We drive to the sleepy lakeside village of Cernobbio to hone our far niente skills.

Lake Como is a glorious shade of blue in the warm sun of la primavera. As always, I scan for our Laglio neighbor, George Clooney, although in all these years I have never caught a glimpse. Someday…

Good morning! Our day day starts on a cozy park bench and cappuccino on the waterfront promenade. The sprawling port fills with small children and families, walking, playing and making a joyful noise.

Breakfast of Champions

I queue at the lively fish truck, Pescheria Goldfish, for ultra-fresh calamari fritti. The proprietor gets kinda snippy when I ask for a bit of lemon. Ouch, lesson learned.

The golden rings are gorgeous, the size of bracelets, fresh and succulent. The ultimate breakfast — delizioso!


Classy little towns like Cernobbio serve classy little aperativo – cheese, olives, charcuterie and beautiful bites. Café Vincenzo Dascanio is no exception. We lean in and linger on their lovely blossoming patio.

Our glasses of Falanghina are dry and crisp. As the sun sets over the charming garden setting, soft jazz and twinkly lights come up, and our far niente skills bloom like Vincenzo’s pink azaleas.

Lazy Sightseeing

We refresh. We recharge. We ramble a few mildly challenging wooded paths, explore winding downtown alleyways, snap photos like tourists and savor endless lake views.

Pop into a gilded cathedral or two. Tour magnificent Villa Bernasconi and/or Villa d’Este. Stroll sprawling public gardens and thoughtfully designed green spaces. And don’t miss the tranquil, overgrown “secret” that is Segreto Giardino della Valle!

Expect the Unexpected

We’re grateful for the occasional glimpse of graffiti, here, which reminds us that Cernobbio is a “real” place, not a theme park.

The Driver enjoys surprise, spectacular openings to the lake. He gazes seriously into the water, assessing its clarity and color. He spots the occasional lake fish – some as big as cats. Meow.

We indulge in a bit of informal lakeside bird watching — such healthy, happy pigeons!


We bid a fond farewell to our chubby feathered friends, to our convenient downtown digs, and prepare to return to work among the bright seasonal patterns and colors we have come to love!

But first, a birthday road-trip to Switzerland!

Ciao … next stop, Zurich! •

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2 Responses to Cernobbio Serenità

  1. Marcia E. Campbell says:

    What a wonderful way to start this rainy Sunday in Portland! Marcia

  2. Hello.
    What a lovely day in Cernobbio! The blue shades of Lake Como, the cozy park benches, fresh calamari fritti for breakfast, and classy little aperitivos – all make for the perfect lazy sightseeing day. The unexpected glimpses of graffiti and occasional birdwatching add to the charm. Safe travels to Zurich!
    Thanks for sharing.

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