Breakfast by the Bay

We grab a giant breakfast sandwich down by the Vieques ferry terminal and eat on the pier admiring the shades of turquoise. The sandwich is awesome and feeds both of us plus the scruffy pier-dog at our feet.

We discover the cool shaded garden of Roy’s coffeehouse with WiFi and a cappuccino machine. The healthy yuppie choices comfort us in the calorie-laden fried-dough universe of Puerto Rico.

The people at the next table are discussing “aquaculture.” We might as well be in Brooklyn. As I hear the words “Whole Foods” and “leveraged,” I realize we are probably in the wrong spot. But it is so cool and comfortable. Why plunge back out into the shimmering heat?

Besides, I love the crazy artwork at Roy’s. A portrait of Miss Mary Tyler Moore. And this one, above, which suggests both Elvis and Maira Kalman and is probably neither.

About Epicurious Travelers

Ms. Margolis-Pineo created to showcase her published work and ongoing food-travel adventures. Based in Portland, Maine, she travels frequently both in her home state and north to Montreal, her favorite North American city. Although she refuses to use the word "foodie," she has an abiding interest in food and wine. Ms. Margolis-Pineo's background as a designer gives her site an edge in the oversaturated blogosphere. New contacts, "likes," subscribers and content are always welcome!
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