The Thin Man Day

My friend Kari says we should’ve called our last post The Thin Man Day because we spent the whole time drinking and being intrepid.

I’m an artist. He’s an engineer. He reads maps. I read menus. He calculates exchange rates. I can ask for “corkscrew,” “tickets” and “toilets” in several languages.

The author of Traveling While Married says being the same old couple in a new and different place can be a disorienting experience. With us, it’s the opposite.  Being on the road steadies us, and we find ourselves at our best. •

About Epicurious Travelers

Ms. Margolis-Pineo created to showcase her published work and ongoing food-travel adventures. Based in Portland, Maine, she travels frequently both in her home state and north to Montreal, her favorite North American city. Although she refuses to use the word "foodie," she has an abiding interest in food and wine. Ms. Margolis-Pineo's background as a designer gives her site an edge in the oversaturated blogosphere. New contacts, "likes," subscribers and content are always welcome!
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2 Responses to The Thin Man Day

  1. Rex says:

    I enjoy a nice Thin Mint.

  2. Alan says:

    Nick and Nora Charles: a former detective and his rich, playful wife. They solve a murder case mostly for the fun of it.

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