Caccia di Blu!

How do you write about travel when you’re not traveling? We’re sequestered, our wings are clipped and we’re in “a fallow period.” Here are some of our favorite pieces while we wait to continue our travels (we hope) in 2021.  Let’s go!
terracotta rooftops
Italy’s terra-cotta landscape is rustic, golden, timeless. But tell me, do you sometimes miss the color blue?  Let’s go “caccia di blu!”

Blue espresso cupsWe serve our espresso in blue, with a splash of modern stripes.

Pietro in blue close-upOur alpaca-blend “Maggie” shawl warms WWII hero Vassano Pietro of Argegno.

Blue water pipesNew blue water pipes are ready for service and make a striking waterfront graphic, too.

Blue scarf from Sr. FrancoThis two-hue-blue scarf is courtesy of our friend Signore Franco – grazie Franco!

Blue direction signsIn Italy, blue tells you what to do, where you are, and which way to go.

Blue instuctional signageBlue is serious, it is the color of INFORMAZIONE. Pay attention!

Blue leading nowhereSometimes the instructional blue gets lost and leads nowhere.

Blue parking signBut mostly it is telling you something you need to know.

Blue Halo ANNABlue is the color of St. Anna’s robe, and sometimes her eyes.

Blue halo LukeAnother lovely blue halo! Note the turquoise flourish on his wrist.

Lavazza IITaste Lavazza Blue, one of Italy’s finest coffees. If you’re bored, count the spoons.

PANDAA sturdy Fiat Panda comes in 50 shades of blue – we have rented them all.

Spot of blueSometimes an unexpected patch of blue just sneaks up on you.

Blue sky over lakeAnd if you’re lucky, blue is the color of the endless Italian sky each day. Ciao!



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5 Responses to Caccia di Blu!

  1. Mark Adelson says:

    I’m never blue when I read Epicurious Travelers. Well done as always.

  2. Nini Mc Manamy says:

    Nel Blu, dipinto di Blu…….una lavazza a Gorgeous Gelato?

  3. Charlotte Hamlin says:

    Si brava!! xoxoxxo

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