Eating New York: Love In Bloom

Dim Sum signimagesEarly fall in the Big Apple includes the wedding celebration of dear friends Jon and Darryl. The happy couple graciously hosts our gaggle at Taboon in Hell’s Kitchen. I savor their signature stuffed bread with feta and oregano, delicious. The grooms are handsome and happy and love is in the air.

Jon & Darryl SundayIn an attempt to walk it off, we begin a city gallop that includes a cappella in Washington Square Park, a browse through Left Bank Books, and a stroll through the Village, bohemian birthplace of the beat poets. We linger over a haunting exhibition of paintings by Vebjorn Sand, shimmering images of World War II.

The White Rose by Vebjorn Sand

We pause in the West Village to recharge at our newest fusion favorite, RedFarm, where Chinese cuisine is reinterpreted with respect and dazzling creativity by chef Joe Ng.

Soup dumplings at Red Farm

We share a quartet of his unctuous soup dumplings and crunchy pastrami egg rolls. Yes, pastrami egg rolls – this is New York City, people. A couple of House Mules later (ginger cocktails with lime), we’re refreshed and ready for what’s next.

Pastrami eggrolls at Red Farm nycNote: Soup dumpling technique involves a bit of nibbling and then a velvety smoosh of very warm broth. Wait a minute or two, they’re HOT. Gnaw a wee hole in the skin, slurp out the broth. Then chew the holy mash-up of meat and dumpling. Mm. Or if you’re brave, pop the whole thing in your mouth and the dumpling will explode, wildly silky and warm. Yum.

Amazing. Please don’t miss RedFarm.

NoMad towerAfter a screaming bike-rickshaw ride that brings both panic and sticker shock, we meet with the grooms again at the Library Bar in NoMad Hotel. Beautiful – a great spot to calm down and catch up over martinis, up with a twist.

We close the place down – a great night. Heading home to Maine in the morning, we agree it’s always appropriate to celebrate big love with great food. •Left Bank Books II

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