ChoccOfficina Noto

This sun-drenched sleepy corner of Sicily is our home for a month. When we’re not pinching ourselves, we walk the ancient streets at a leisurely pace. We live here and are not in a hurry. We have coffee, dawdle over books, and study Noto’s growing food scene.A great place to start is one of our favorite haunts, Noto’s cheerful artisanal chocolateria and café, ChoccOfficinaRosella and Sebastiano are native Sicilians and serious chocolatiers — plus, they are adorable and very hardworking.

Candied Orange Peel; Sicilian Lemon; Cacao Crumble; and Almond Bark, all in dark chocolate.

Whatever time of day we pop in, CioccOfficina enthusiasts are queuing up for espresso, cappuccino, pastries, cakes, chocolates and traditional Sicilian delights. Everything in sight is local, delectable and gorgeous. “All are made here,” says Rosella, “right here.”

And it smells great, too — filled with the delicious fragrance of melting chocolate. CioccOfficina e delizioso!

Up Next: Just around the corner is Anche Gli Angeli – where the books are!




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